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Navigation bar is at the side or the top of a webpage that helps users to move swiftly through the website without having to scroll through all the content. Tailwind navigation components allow website visitors to search within a site efficiently. The website navigation system is like a road map that enables web page visitors to explore and discover the various sites and information contained on the website. Three different types of navigation include hierarchical navigation that allows users to search through all website pages from anywhere, global navigation that only shows important sections of a website to the user, and local website navigation helps the user to move around on the same page. Tailwind navigation components provide built-in support for different frameworks including React, Tailwind css angular, and Tailwind css vue. From vertical navigation to sidebar navigation Tailwind navigation components has diverse options for you to choose from. According to your brand’s identity, you can incorporate the dark or light theme navigation bar in your website as well.

light with button

black left aligned with icons

undefined light_centre_aligned_with_search icon_and_avatar component preview

black left aligned with search bar and icon

undefined black_left_aligned_with_search_bar_and_icon component preview
undefined dark_centre_aligned_with_search icon_and_avatar component preview

left aligned with search bar and icon

undefined left_aligned_with_search_bar_and_icon component preview

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