04 August 2021

Trends in Web Development 2021

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Our world is steadily developing, new technologies are being introduced day by day and the same is for the world of web development. New technologies like social media and GPS systems to artificial intelligence and digital twins make this world unrecognizable from what it was 20 years ago. The technological revolution has impacted our lives greatly and it will keep on doing so in the future as well. The websites of the future depend on the websites of today, technological evolution doesn’t just happen, it’s a steady process of development and growth that takes time and effort. Keeping ourselves up to date with the latest web development trends is not only necessary to compete with the market and provide our customers with the latest tools and technologies. (which is also very important, there's no denying that), we should rather look at it with a holistic approach and look at the bigger picture. Web development is steadily being revolutionized and for this evolution to take place and pave the way for a more technologically advanced future, we need to understand that as web developers, we should also play our part in helping this revolution. The only way to innovate is to first, be up to speed with what is going on. Listed below are a few web development trends. If implemented, they will help create modern web solutions and pave the way for a more technologically advanced future for websites and mobile applications. 

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1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite a while now. Since more companies have started investing in it, we have seen quite an evolution in it. However, it still seems as though the full potential of AI is yet to be seen. From web crawlers to chatbots to auto subtitles, these are just some of the capabilities of AI. Machines are now able to independently process bits of data, analyze them and take action. This does seem scary. If you've seen Terminator, it feels like AI might be Skynet. Though we still have a lot of ground to cover, before we can doom the world with artificially intelligent robots. But for now, AI helps us engage with our customers and helps businesses run auto analytics on their business operations, which saves time and money. So adopting AI for your next project might just be what your customers want and what the world needs. 

Image of an AI Bot

2. Progressive Web Applications:

Building native mobile applications for every device can be very time consuming and costly, not to mention the amount of work it takes to build it. Progressive Web Applications or PWAs are websites that basically function as an application. Instead of making an app for every device, they are platform-independent and run on the browser. It interacts with the customer as a native application. PWAs help reduce the development and support costs, can be easily distributed, and save device power and storage.

image of a progressive web app

3. Voice Search:

Initially, websites used to be only textual based. Now, due to recent advancements, users prefer to communicate via audio rather than text. This is because it is easier to understand and communicate things via audio, rather than text. Audio and speech interpretations are becoming one of the most rapidly emerging technologies in web development. Companies are investing a lot of time and money into making the web more user friendly. Providing audio and speech recognition not only facilitates users but also helps businesses to analyze customer behaviours. 

Image depicting voice search

4. Single Page Applications:

Single Page Applications or SPA is the most current web development trend in 2021. SPAs avoid loading separate HTML pages from a server in order to show a specific page to a user. Instead,  SPAs load only markup and data to dynamically render the different pages of a website on a single web page. This makes users feel like they are browsing through a single page for all their needs. Examples of the most famous SPAs are Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook and Twitter. 

Image of Gmail design explaining single page applications


Currently, there are a lot of new technologies that are trending. According to us, these are the ones that can help revolutionize the web and pave the way for better, more user-friendly and innovative websites for the future. These technologies will also help businesses because eventually in a digital world, what will matter the most is whether or not the company’s website is competitive and offers a great user experience. So, staying up to date with the latest web development trends can help you achieve both. 

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